Kenny Basil Sound System

Kenny Basil Sound System

Fuck around an find out!

Massive, wacked-out, techno from 1/2 of Mickeys Kids.

Kenny spent a whole year collecting his daily brick. Kenny took 365 showers in one year. These feats may seem trivial to the average Joe, but when Kenny wants something done, he DOES IT!

Kenny Basil Sound System – Dick Pics Vol.5 “Man At His Best” (SM0KB2)
Kenny Basil Sound System Tape
Kenny Basil Sound System – Dick Pics VOl​.​4 “A Dick Pics Maxi Single” (SM0KB)


“Every so often (as in every five or so years), Basil releases these KENNY BASIL SOUND SYSTEM “Dick Picks” volumes into the world. Strange Mono is releasing Volume 4 on the 2nd of December 2022 which will be in maxi-single format. Two tracks of analogue techno noise ambient ugly beautiful breakage clocking in around 13 minutes and some change a piece.” – Fruit Of The Spirit Blog

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