Webb Chapel

Webb Chapel

Following the dissolution of Austin-based experimental band Beth Israel, Claxton began drawing in the margins, putting down sketches of ideas and song fragments that would eventually become the basis for Webb Chapel’s first two releases, Moverama and Like the Country. “I like the idea of dismantling songs as you’re listening to them. Sort of taking them apart and putting them back together.” When the lens focuses, however, you get a sense that this record comes from an altogether intentional, yet eerily chaotic time and place. As Claxton explains, “I’m kind of never in the same place for very long.” Dalmatians is a testament to the beauty in uncertainty.

 “SPEEDING was made in a little studio space on germantown ave. It felt like there was a Tom Parker/Kathy Bates character who wouldn’t let me stop or leave unless another band was in there practicing. I didn’t see sunlight for what seemed like quite a while.I remember watching ‘all the king’s men’ about the Memphis mafia on YouTube and deep diving into Elvis as an entity or spirit. It seemed like he was commiserating or communicating with me on some level. Also Patti Duke interviews. By the time I was making Rosaline I was having trouble hearing notes or music, it all sounded like street noises. SPEEDING is an ode to 50’s/60’s workhorse bands with shitty contracts.”

Webb Chapel – SPEEDING (SM032)


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“for those who like everything from odd-ball balladry to the lo-fi prairie hum and quintessential pop hooks, well Webb Chapel is most certainly your one stop shop.” – Sun-13

SPEEDING is an album grounded in a rich history of post-punk and psych-pop while bringing a fresh attitude of sonic deconstructionism; it’s a celebration of influences both old and new.” – Sub//Genre

Speeding is one of those albums that eases the burdens of your day. Stick it on at the end of the day and tell us otherwise…” – Sun-13

“Lofi bonkers alien nowave rock from the other side of Philly (that means nothing). Would not be far off the early OC’s beaten path” – Sims Hardin (u2_is_a_government_drone)

“triumphantly lo-fi but undeniably focused, a wash of experimentation both bleak and warped.” – Post-Trash

“Krauty, wonky, psych rock with many layers of riffs, noisy blips, and samples captured in warm tape saturation.” – Sims Hardin (u2_is_a_government_drone)

“Even with the gnarled production, [Speeding] is an addictive listen with impeccable songwriting and masterful musicianship. I could listen to these tracks over and over again without getting bored and as they say, the louder the better! This is a fantastic release that certainly deserves top tier recognition.” – The Dungeon In Deep Space

Hana Sands Video by Vince Alvare