Shitty Wizard

Shitty Wizard

Formed by members of Lilys, The Company Corvette, and Downtown Club, Shitty Wizard is one of Philadelphia’s most outrageous and original punk bands.

Singer Chris McAllen describes Shitty Wizard as “ A band of movers who are on hiatus while our drummer is in Germany”. On releasing the self-titled album he explains “We recorded an unfinished demo in 2014. After many attempts to attempt to finish it, we decided to let it sit in the vaults. And sit it did until an intrepid young do-gooder decided that these recordings needed to see the light of day. And here we are.”

The album’s opening track, a cover of G.G. Allin’s One Man Army, blazes with Shitty Wizards’ distinct style setting the pace for the rest of the album. Dance Problems perfectly illustrates the bands frustration with gentrification and the yuppie take over of modern cities. Like Daddy  and Freedom Boner encapsulate Shitty Wizards wry sense of humor. The Album wraps with closer Tasting Games a mantric chorus of “it’s making me sick” propelled into eternity by the relentless rhythm section.



“Vocals have an occasional Rev Summer tinge that genuinely sets SHITTY WIZARD apart from the dirt rock set” – Maximum RNR