Straight On View

Straight On View

Straight On View’s journey began with a shared passion for hardcore punk. Guitarist Jim reminisces, “Sometimes I get into certain moods with music and always go back to stuff I’ve loved over the years. I was listening to a lot of NYHC and youth crew at the time and then Chris and I started talking about it one day and he was showing me stuff I
hadn’t heard yet and then I just got in songwriting mode”. Band’s formation was a natural process. With each of the members sharing their unique energy and influences. “Chris and I were playing guitar with each other one day and listening to music and I mentioned I had a few hardcore songs I wrote. He had some riffs and it just kind of happened organically.” – recalls Jim. “Then we asked Matt to play bass shortly after and Colin suggested Eliot as a singer. I heard him and thought it’d be perfect and it just fell into place”.

Driven by a desire to spread positivity and constructive ideals, Straight On View aims to leave a lasting impression on the punk landscape. messages of unity and understanding through their music. “The most important things I took from youth crew were having a positive outlook and being constructive with your thoughts and actions.” reflects Eliot. “If we want to change things, we have to bring people together and break down the divisions between us.”

Collaboration and camaraderie defined the writing and recording process of “Gotta Step Up”. Jim highlights, “The coolest thing was just having everyone bring stuff to the table. It all came together nicely without much challenge and sounds super cohesive”.

Straight On View’s decision to release their debut EP through Strange Mono Records, a benefit label, underscores their commitment to community support and radical positivity. Dan Timlin, co-founder of Strange Mono, expresses his excitement, stating, “We share the same values, radical positivity, and practicing community support. Straight On View is relentless and tight, filled with frenetic energy, and they are one of the few bands that play this kind of music that aren’t afraid to rip a solo or two!”


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“I’ve always loved US hardcore punk classics, and this band delivers to the highest standards. What’s more important, they still manage to do that without sounding like yet another cheap retrospective. It’s honest, fast, aggressive and if “Gotta Step Up” was released couple of decades earlier it would have been a worldwide punk classic without any doubts.” – Sanctus Propaganda

“STRAIGHT ON VIEW has everything on this demo, if your everything happens to be youth crew-style hardcore which absolutely oozes positivity.” – Maximum RNR

“Eight short songs of fast and ultra-fast, youth crew sublimity that picks you up, dusts you down, and barks: “You got this!” Classic hardcore drums, stomping bridges, lightening fast riffs, solos, and semi-tough vocals. A CHAIN OF STRENGTH/MINOR THREAT motivational speaker to get you through hard times, with a little chunky COKE BUST despair for balance. The only thing missing is an occasional ‘Go!‘. Absolutely ripping.” – Personal Punk

“[T]he music lives up to the good intentions. For sure you need to be into some high-octane, in-your-face hardcore to enjoy this. Every track on this release has its sections of breakneck, hardcore charging, but that’s not the whole story.” – New Noise