Truculent is the moniker for Philadelphia-Primitive guitarist Dan Timlin. Since 2016 Truculent has developed his sound by blending melodic rhythmic guitar compositions with field recordings and found sounds to create atmospheric soundscapes. Truculent began as a therapeutic exercise to connect thoughts and trauma with positivity through music.

Truculent – A Worker’s Guide To Transfiguration (SM035)
Truculent – The Bottoms (SM06)
Truculent – Listen, Little Man!


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“It’s a sound that itself embodies living within anger and strength on hostile or friendly terms. Cut names reference the animals as much as images of either blight or boon, religion and mythology, amongst the dallies of increasingly absurd life. Many tracks prioritize brevity, snapshots of these 4 co-existing in a mindful balance, where this MO could theoretically play out. As much as recalling spaces of communion, from railyards and backroom bars to the streets of South Philly’s Point Breeze. Amongst caterwauling finger picking and devious dirges, there is a white hot intensity even in Timlin’s restrain over these 16 tracks.” – Matty McPherson (Tabs Out)

“The songs ping from instrumental guitar arrangements to confessional folk songs to guitar arrangements paired with samples. Nothing feels out of place- this is a wholly cohesive, meditative ambient record.” – Sims Hardin (u2_is_a_government_drone)

“earthy acoustic journeys that harness the aesthetic of William Tyler and the pedal steel atmospheric bliss of Suss” – Sun-13

“Another incredible release from my home base… Philly’s Truculent never disappoints.” – Sims Hardin (u2_is_a_government_drone)