Diuretic is taking Grindcore to a new level, with unapologetic grit and tongue-in-cheek gore. This Philly four-piece combines an aural attack with dark humor in a quick and dirty package.

Guitarist Alex moved to Philadelphia from Chicago, looking for a local scene in heavier music. A mutual friend introduced him to Pete, noting that they were both into Grindcore and looking to start a band. One meeting at Nomad Pizza formed the foundations of Diuretic, as the two were ready to jam and bring more musicians into the mix. Pete’s
drum skills helped fill a tricky position in the Grindcore genre, and he brought in former bandmate Rose on bass, as Alyssa stepped up on vocals.

Pete and Rose had worked together in Cavemen (formerly Insane Earth), with a solid track record in the punk scene. Rose is an accomplished musician and music educator, known as the guitarist in Sir Babygirl, and always equipped with the energy (plus an
extra-long cable) to jump into the pit while playing live. Pete is a lifelong musician, affectionately nicknamed “Twisted” Pete, as the mild-mannered metalhead who listens to the unlistenable.

Vocalist Alyssa ventures into her first heavy band with Diuretic, taking the creative freedom of Diuretic’s lyrics and expressively heavy vocals. Alex is rooted in the Grind sound, with origins in Punk, and a grasp on the accessible ethos of the genre, writing songs since his youth. As he matured, he began to appreciate Grindcore residing in the philosophy that if Punk is characterized by speed, Grind is its greatest exaggeration.

From writing and recording, to the style of their releases, Diuretic has always kept it DIY. Their first-ever record, Demo, was recorded entirely live in 2021, with the help of their friend Mac Kennedy of Poison Ruïn. The results of the tape were noisy and lo-fi, a tradition they kept for subsequent releases. On their latest EP, once the riffs began to flow, the idea of a workplace incident-themed album came up, and the band ran with it and never turned back. The result is Zero Days Without Incident, an absurd theme that rips hard, recorded with Sasha Stroud at Artifact Audio in New York City. Despite the more formal studio setting, the band keeps the DIY integrity of their sound, always recorded completely live, but this time with a higher production quality bringing them to the next level.

The band speaks to Grindcore’s dedicated fanbase, while also grasping those who are not fans of the genre, with intent to show them something they’ve missed in this niche, drawing them in to enjoy the music and the dark humor. Said humor comes about in the making of Diuretic as a fun, collaborative effort, where the band feels they can lose the “tough guy” attitude even while playing “tough guy” music.

Diuretic maintains a continual run amidst their local scene. A stint in Baltimore and a gig at Bitchfest 2024 takes the band further out of PA and into their surrounding states, but they’ll never forget their Philly roots, with a desire to elevate other talents from their hometown. They hope to expand the scene by giving new bands a leg up onto their
bills, emphasizing the importance of keeping a welcoming outlook in this close community.

High-speed tracks, the unique energy of Alyssa’s vocals standing out in a male-dominated genre, and the ripping Grindcore sound of Diuretic all give a punch-to-the face impact you won’t soon forget.