About Us

Founded in 2021 Strange Mono is a benefit record label and distro based in Philadelphia, PA. Specializing in bespoke limited edition releases . All the proceeds from our tapes, vinyl, and 100% of downloads, go directly to the artists choice of charity.

All profits from our distro are donated monthly to that months featured Mutual Aid benefit.

For more information on our donations and community support efforts please reach out via email: strangemonorecords[at]gmail[dot]com.

The majority of our tapes are dubbed in house using a Sony CCP-2300. Audio quality may vary from tape to tape.


“If your seeking a label that incorporates a menagerie of artists from different backgrounds with a broad sense of musical direction, then look no further than Strange Mono Records. ” – The Dungeon In Deep Space

“The label continues to approach their work with radical empathy, directing all proceeds from physical and digital sales to charities chosen by artists on the label.” – Pat Pilch (Bandcamp Daily)

“Labels like Strange Mono are one of the key reasons why we do what we do here at Sun 13.” – Sun 13 Magazine

Below is an excerpt from our interview with Sun 13 Magazine

S13: Can you tell us what the inspiration was behind starting the label?

Dan Timlin: “We have strong beliefs in the power of radicalism and practicing community support. Politicians cannot rise to meet the needs of the people because it goes against their own interests. A politician’s main interest is to put themselves in a position of power. Our main interest is community support on the grassroots level. We want to be able to meet the needs of our people (city, state, country, and world!), and provide a platform for these amazing, and often underserved, musicians. In an often ego driven, self-obsessed industry like art and music what is more radical than selflessness?”

S13: With the arts seemingly deprived of everything these days, did it feel like a baptism of fire to start a label?

DT: “Honestly it felt very natural for us. We wanted an outlet for all this creative energy that had built up over lockdown. My partner and I were both going through a period of transition. I found this really old mono tape duplicator that had been used for distributing church sermons. At that point there were a lot of protests and a lot of corrupt police activity across the country and especially here in Philadelphia. We wanted to find a way to raise funds for the Philly Bail Fund so we came up with the idea of releasing a tape, with Sandcastle, and donating everything. I sent a blown out copy of the tape to a close friend who said something like ‘Wow, keep making these strange mono tapes’ and we latched onto the name.”

S13: Philadelphia has been home to many great artists over the last decade. There really seems like a sense of community there. Can you tell us about it?

DT: “My partner and I have been a part of the Philly DIY music scene since we were teenagers playing basement shows with our high school bands. There has always been a diehard DIY ethos within our community. There are so many really great bands in the scene right now you can go to any show on a Tuesday night and you will probably see bands that are better than anything getting written about in the bigger magazines.

“Philly has a reputation as being a tough town and while I think it’s a bit dismissive, the reputation is definitely earned. Philadelphia has never been an easy place to live, let alone make art. We have a culture of violence and addiction like so many U.S. cities but what I think really makes our scene stand out is the unwavering positivity and dedication to connection that we see from so many of our artists. People have heard Philly has a ‘bad attitude’ but that’s just its charm. The ‘attitude’ itself is really just sheer determination and stubbornness mixed with a lack of filter; an unabashed and unrelenting honesty. We are all trying to communicate with each other, our views, our thoughts and feelings. We thrive when we are heard and we better our understanding of ourselves when we better understand each other.”

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