Luna Honey

Luna Honey

Luna Honey consists of Maura Pond, Benjamin Schurr, and Levi Flack, often inviting different guests into the studio for each album. The trio has total freedom in the studio, often trading instruments and experimenting with unconventional instruments such as pitch-shifted harmonica, Marxophone, prepared piano, scrapyard finds, and unloved vintage drum machines. The band has played with artists such as Exploded View, Norman Westberg (Swans),Molly Nilsson, Eric Hubel (Glenn Branca Band), Abdu Ali, Martin Bisi, Buck Gooter, Pageant Girls, and Hackedepicciotto (Einstuerzende Neubauten).

Luna Honey combines murky bass grooves, unhinged distortion, and haunted vocals for a sound that builds from darkly hypnotic to feverishly unmoored. Luna Honey’s latest offering continues their distinctive style down a more dark and psychedelic path while still maintaining their tight, pop-sensible compositions and restrained musicianship.

Luna Honey is an experimental dark rock trio that aims to reject the trappings of nostalgia and cliche while still remaining rooted in the collaborative and accessible format of a band. Since forming in 2018, the band has released four full length albums: Peace Will Grind You Down (2018), Branches (2020), Ballast (2021), and Parables (2022).

Luna Honey – Parables (SM)LH)




“Enticing, intimate and gloomy.” – Catherine Gillette (White light / White heat)

“Synths, guitars, and hard-crackling fuzz swell and envelope…swallowing the empty spaces, building tension that never really resolves as much as it does engrain itself, never to be shaken from your being.” – Dan Goldin (Post-Trash)

 “Velvety vocals are accompanied by sparse synth beats, distorted bass, and baritone saxophone.” – Maximum RockNRoll

“Walking sharp edges back from the brink becomes a finely-tuned machine on the volatile catharsis of Luna Honey’s ‘Smirk’.”- Foxy Digitalis

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