During the mid 2000’s Worshiper was quickly gaining a reputation as one of Philly’s loudest bands in the underground scene. Worshiper, made up of lifelong friends Mike Parry, Curt Howard, and Benji Davis, had a tumultuous few years; self-releasing their debut To Binge And Purge In LA and embarking on their first and only tour with Boston’s Bad History Month. Though they had a rowdy and devoted cult following, their first release never quite received the accolades it deserved. That being said, they carved out their place in Philly history with their intense live performances and heavy raw sound. They disbanded soon after in part due to songwriter and frontman Mike Parry’s battle with opioid addiction. On June 16th 2021, after years of progress, Mike relapsed and sadly lost his life. The impact of his death permeated the music scene leaving many friends and fans stunned.

Recorded at Philly’s legendary Sex Dungeon Studios in one afternoon, Worshiper is sludgy post-hardcore at its pinnacle. This fully remastered cassette reissue features a previously unreleased song and includes the original recordings as well.

Strange Mono has been working with Curt and Benji to try and breathe a second wind into the criminally underrated album that Worshiper produced in 2010.

We hope that this release can raise awareness about one of Philly’s best bands and help to promote health, empowerment and safety for communities affected by drug use and poverty.

Worshiper – To Binge And Purge In LA (SM013)


“Without the context, WORSHIPER’s posthumous release comes highly recommended. But when you take everything in, it feels cathartic and necessary.” – Maximum RNR

“Think Noothgrush or Eyehategod. Guitars crunch and squeal oozing forth riffs while drums are beaten into submission” – Metal Bandcamp

“it’s hard to fathom all the music we’ve lost to drug addiction and a system that treats the disease like a crime instead of a health problem.” – Metal Sucks

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