Bungler is the brainchild of Paul Hewes (Snoozer, Idiot Forever), a multi-instrumentalist and individual new to the field of historical research. Fueled by anxiety and depression, motivated out of fear and frustration, Bungler pours these emotions into their sonically shaped landscapes in the hope that some level of alleviation can be achieved. Typically found in a graveyard or in someone’s back garden, often traveling alone and never brimming with a sense of self confidence, Bungler is adaptable in any live setting and doesn’t require much preparation.





“‘Calm’ is the record’s lead single, a song that captures the more overdriven elements of Bungler, weaving through a dense landscape of pop-centric rust. The song recalls at times The Bends era Radiohead, as Hewes simplistic yet commanding vocals feel akin to early Thom Yorke. There’s a groove to “Calm” though that sort of stumbled it’s own path, digging against shimmering keys with a low end that carries the weight of Bungler’s repeated confession, “I’m just trying to calm down”. It’s a great tune that really finds the balance between emotion and muscle, the intimate nature of the lyrics paired against a heft of guitars that burns like a cigarette in the dark.” – Dan Goldin (Post-Trash)

“With the highlight coming via the bombastic power-pop of Rant, it rounds everything out in a very all-bases-covered manner, and that’s why Light in the Corner is a record that provides that vital bridge to a better place.” – Simon Kirk (Sun-13)

Light in the Corner feels like a vintage lo-fi pop album–Hewes’ distinct and catchy writing shines through the occasionally minimal, occasionally chaotic arrangements.” – Rosy Overdrive

“Acoustic-ish and delightfully off-kilter music” – WXPN

“The kind of thing a child’s wild imagination comes up with when you ask them what they learned at school earlier that day.’” – Post-Trash