The Company Corvette

The Company Corvette

Alexei Korolev and Ross Pritchett have been at it as The Company Corvette for over 15 years. After 3 albums they welcomed in drummer Zach Price, who proved to be a perfect fit.

Formed in 2005 The Company Corvette has shared the stage with countless legendary acts–Weedeater, Pentagram, The Obsessed, The Mentors, and Truckfighters to name a few– blasting fans with their heavy stoner rock. This new album showcases the band’s pursuit of their singular vision. Covering the spectrum from misery laden doom, sludgy weirdness, heavy metal, dumb’n’fun rock’n’roll. This is stoner rock gone metal-and-back. There’s riffs, there’s hooks, there’s shreds and roars and psychedelic freakouts and they mean every bit of it.

“Ya like ZZ Top and Cathedral? Of course. Budgie and Entombed? Fuckin A. T Rex and Monster Magnet? Let’s do this.” From garagy blues punk (started with none other than B Nothing trying to play drums) to exploring heavy stoner psych to thrashy doom metal and all of the above, with Zach eventually taking over the drums, Alexei and Ross just stuck to what they dig most, their “vision”, if you will, however blurry it may have been. And it’s been fucking hella blurry. So they gotta take their time. From the first show with Serpent Throne and Jail back in 2006 in a West Philly basement, to Psycho Las Vegas, to the more recent one with Nebula – good times. Sorry, lady who said “I hope you guys don’t get ANY better” at that first show. Yea, she did. Sometimes it takes a while. Hell, there may even be a #5, who is to say there won’t be? In due time, of course, whenever they got it.




“Singing is Ozzyesque (shades of “Iron Man”) and the atmosphere is warm and dark, with hints of danger lurking. The guitar is in the mood for trouble, and belts out some pretty riffalicious moments here. The bass gets its moments to shine, as well.” – Doomed & Stoned

” The results are pretty stunning, with the band kicking out the jams with vigour, and then hooking you in with sneaky melodies that stick to your mouth like peanut butter on the brain or, err, something like that. Look, this record is seriously cool, wonderfully heavy, and deeply addictive. Just buy a copy, OK? 9/10” – Sonic Abuse

Little Blue Guy is a great album. Once the tunes and choruses have wormed their way into your head you will be humming this to distraction, the mix of very heavy with very melodic is great and it’s nice to review an album by a band that has a sense of humour. Hugely enjoyable album, highly recommended. 8/10” – Musipedia Of Metal

“Little Blue Guy is one hell of a release and if you want an album with enough power to kick the living shit out of you just through their wonderfully intense grooves alone, then this is the album for you.” – Outlaws Of The Sun

“I like this album immediately because it boasts a track called ‘Brain Cells… But Who’s Buying,’ and I enjoy cleverness generally, but if you need to be further disposed toward the work of Philadelphia trio The Company Corvette, how about the fact that guitarist Alexei Korolev and bassist/vocalist Ross Pritchett have been at it for more than a decade and a half.” – The Obelisk

“Hard to pin down to an exact signature, the band’s sound mirrors that of the legendary sludge rockers The Melvins, both in terms of music and composition. With gratuitous fuzz, pounding bass and some tight drumming, this three piece really grab a firm hold of the stoner and sludge vibe.” – Trebuchet Magazine

“The Company Corvette do it well, they deliver it with a punk rock edge, they’re serious enough to not take themselves too seriously, they are in fact, seriously good.” – The Organ

“A decent, highly enjoyable slice of lazy, hazy stoner rock that out smokes a good portion of its opposition. Definitely worthy of further investigation if you like your riffs fuzzy and your beats grooving…Dream Theater fans should avoid at all costs” – The Sleeping Shaman

“While the band likes to think of the two earlier releases as ‘glorified demos,’ this new album is a huge step forward for The Company Corvette in virtually every department” – The Metal Underground

” Never Enough realizes the potential their earlier work showed and brings it to life with a sense of grunged-up heft that becomes its defining element. They’re an act who has clearly put work into sounding like they couldn’t give a shit.” – The Obelisk

“The name The Company Corvette conjures up images of 1970s-era reprobates, but in practice, they harken back even farther than that. The mournful riffs, ham-fisted solos, and deceptively repetitive song structures are the blues, pure and simple. Sure, it’s amplified and filtered through the lens of our desolate times — and bassist/singer Ross Pritchett looks more like a crust punk than Robert Johnson — but the devil is still likely involved in some way. ” – Invisible Oranges

Interview with Outlaws Of The Sun