From Athens GA Ixian has been consistently delivering intense and inspired Black Metal since their debut “Many Machines” in 2019. Honing in on what makes the genre special, Daniel deftly crafts his songs with more attention to detail then your typical Black Metal performer. Ixian places experimentation above conforming to genre. Pushing the boundaries of a genre burdened by repetition is no easy feat, yet Ixian’s blend of harsh noise, pummeling drums and frenetic guitar riffs, seems natural and organically inspired.

The album’s opener “Centrocaspian Dictatorship” hits like a ton of bricks to the face preparing the listeners for what’s to come. The album churns with brooding intensity and erratic drum machines “Holodomor” offers listeners the briefest glimpse of a melody then swiftly reeling back into the obliterated noise. The albums namesake track builds on the bleak themes present throughout, revolving around frantic guitar arpeggios. In total Ixians “Collective Indiscipline” is a worthwhile addition to Ixian’s discography of bittersweet, noisy, and unique Black Metal. Ixian is extreme to its core.

Ixian - Collective Indiscipline Casette




“What do you get when you combine harsh noise with Grindcore and Black Metal aesthetics? You get what’s known as unruly, dystopian cybergrind. As if just having one extreme genre wasn’t enough, Ixian goes all out on the pummeling new EP, ‘Collective Indiscipline’. As deranged as it may sound, there is actually a sense of atmospheric control amongst these tracks, as they provide an overwhelming sense of ominous disarray. Discordant tones and hyperactive drum beats create an onslaught of droll modulations. Although it’s only nineteen minutes in length, a back-to-back listen of all five tracks will have you perspiring an illusive sudor, while your brain continues to scramble in a desperate exodus of audial release. This is a very intriguing album and I would recommend this to fans of all forms of extreme music.” – The Dungeon In Deep Space

“[ Along The Gel Dorva Line ] opens strongly and propulsively with “Where Is The Sun?” and remains strong throughout.” – Flagpole.com

“Thick distortion pushes well into the red without turning into noisy mush, and vocals scream from beyond the void.” – fetusghost