OUT NOW: Concrete Caveman – Feral LP (SM042)

Out Now: Concrete Caveman – Feral LP (SM042)

Concrete Caveman is a ferocious force of a Deathpunk unit, with an uninhibited aggression that pushes the limits of genre. With origins in South Jersey, Concrete Caveman made Philadelphia their homebase, a decision with no regrets as they represent the underground Philly scene to the core.

The trio are not new to the music scene, playing in multiple bands together over the course of ten years. Mindless Flesh is one of the standout names from their early days, with Lord Scumbucket as the most recent band that Concrete Caveman formed from. As frontman Johnny’s writing style developed a heavier and faster edge, it was time for the band to reform and rename themselves for a fresh, pumped-up vibe.

Deathpunk is the term the band claimed to encapsulate their ever-changing and unexpected sound. Lyrically, they have political moments, but it doesn’t dominate their message – more so critiques of the modern world, the state of affairs, and the obsession with technology and social media that can lead a society to destroy itself. 2021’s riff-heavy Chasm EP, preceded by the 4-track release DEMO, demolishes the eardrums with violent sounds that Concrete Caveman aims to top as they continue their rampage.

Concrete Caveman forms the culmination of all the sounds this trio has explored so far, and these longtime buddies have stayed loyal to their local Philly underground origins as they continue to expand across the Northeast, Midwest, and beyond. They’re breaking out of the basement and busting into garages, warehouses, abandoned sites, and even a swamp-bound cemetery – anywhere they can raid with an onslaught of Concrete Caveman frenzy.