Out Now: The Company Corvette – Little Blue Guy (SM040)

Out Now: The Company Corvette – Little Blue Guy (SM040)

Strange Mono is announcing the release of the fourth full length record from Philly’s stoned 3 piece The Company Corvette. Alexei Korolev and Ross Pritchett have been at it as The Company Corvette for over 15 years. After 3 albums they welcomed in drummer Zach Price, who proved to be a perfect fit. Their new record Little Blue Guy was recorded across the river in NJ, once again with Matt Weber at The Gradwell House. The addition of Zach to the line up, and sticking to what they dig most, their “vision”, if you will, however blurry it may have been, set this album up as their best work to date. As with the last album, the cover features artwork by legendary Drew Elliott (Midnight, Amorphis, Blood Feast, Necrophagia, etc) almost makes it look better than it sounds – and it sounds pretty awesome!

Formed in 2005 The Company Corvette has shared the stage with countless legendary acts–Weedeater, Pentagram, The Obsessed, The Mentors,and Truckfighters to name a few– blasting fans with their heavy stoner rock. This new album showcases the band’s pursuit of their singular vision. Covering the spectrum from misery laden doom, sludgy weirdness, heavy metal, dumb’n’fun rock’n’roll. This is stoner rock gone metal-and-back. There’s riffs, there’s hooks, there’s shreds and roars and psychedelic freakouts and they mean every bit of it.

The Titular track “Little Blue Guy” is pure Corvette; a massive dirge of swirling fuzzed out guitars, subdued vocals, and drumming so heavy and precise it’s sure to rattle your chest.

“Doom as fuck. Slow and heavy as we can stand it, with a slab of minimalist psychedelia in the middle – a vacuum of sorts to suck out your brain and then slowly regurgitate it back in. Lyrics stem from that time we ate mushrooms in my old tiny apartment and Ross saw something, or someone.” -Alexei Korolev

As the album progresses tracks like “Out Of Control” and “Brain Cells…But Who’s Buying” ramp up the sludgy rock sound akin to early Melvins with solos. “Drag” stands out with its fast pace, driving riffs, and snarling vocals.

“Loosely played thrash metal with a super fun to play guitar solo and lyrics about getting dosed.” -Alexei Korolev

The album rounds out with the stoned out “Ted Tedder” and “Lit The Wrong End” basking in psychedelic freakouts and deep sludgy grooves. “What’s your secret to releasing your best work nearly 20 years into existence?”, the band often gets asked. “Why, it’s no secret”, they say. “Everyone knows the trick – you set the bar low and keep ambitions lower. Make up a super awesome logo, play shows with your friends and cool bands, and release albums whenever you got em!” 


Press for Little Blue Guy

“Singing is Ozzyesque (shades of “Iron Man”) and the atmosphere is warm and dark, with hints of danger lurking. The guitar is in the mood for trouble, and belts out some pretty riffalicious moments here. The bass gets its moments to shine, as well.” – Doomed & Stoned

” The results are pretty stunning, with the band kicking out the jams with vigour, and then hooking you in with sneaky melodies that stick to your mouth like peanut butter on the brain or, err, something like that. Look, this record is seriously cool, wonderfully heavy, and deeply addictive. Just buy a copy, OK? 9/10” – Sonic Abuse

Little Blue Guy is a great album. Once the tunes and choruses have wormed their way into your head you will be humming this to distraction, the mix of very heavy with very melodic is great and it’s nice to review an album by a band that has a sense of humour. Hugely enjoyable album, highly recommended. 8/10” – Musipedia Of Metal

“Little Blue Guy is one hell of a release and if you want an album with enough power to kick the living shit out of you just through their wonderfully intense grooves alone, then this is the album for you.” – Outlaws Of The Sun

“I like this album immediately because it boasts a track called ‘Brain Cells… But Who’s Buying,’ and I enjoy cleverness generally, but if you need to be further disposed toward the work of Philadelphia trio The Company Corvette, how about the fact that guitarist Alexei Korolev and bassist/vocalist Ross Pritchett have been at it for more than a decade and a half.” – The Obelisk

Out Now: Unsung Gems Vol.1 “My Uncle Geno’s Band” – The Justice League Of America (SM039)

Out Now: Unsung Gems Vol.1 “My Uncle Geno’s Band” – The Justice League Of America (SM039)

Strange Mono is extremely excited to announce the release of the first of our “Unsung Gems” series featuring The Justice League of America. The JLA were active from 1979-1983 in Bergen County NJ and NYC. These 14 tracks, artfully restored and remastered by Chris Lawson-Allen, offer listeners a chance to connect with one of NJ’s totally unknown, totally worthy rock bands.

Overspilling with talent and energy the songwriting speaks for itself, from the crunchy Kinks-esque “Can’t Stop Love” and “Settled Sons” to the powerpop guitar licks of “Palisades Park” and the melancholy political sentiment of “Madman”. Though the styles may shift from Blues Rock, to New Wave, and Powerpop the sincerity of songwriting can be heard all throughout. Our hope is to bring these total unknown 80’s rockers out of obscurity and into a new generation of listeners that desperately need them!

“They were already a band when I found their ad for a drummer in the Aquarian (which was the local music scene magazine in the tri-state area). We played a lot of places once” says drummer Geno Timlin on the band’s formation . “Influences were all over the place for the four of us. We all like rock and roll and the old blues men. I think the old bio explains us pretty well. We were just having fun.”

“The Justice League of America passed its members through a decade’s worth of city streets, baseball parks and suburban basements before they settled on a partially shared identity. Specifically, a hatred of triviality and a love for music, especially American music, and even more especially for the music that bounded from radios through the night air and down school hallways and, like a rock, through the windows of those who choose to ignore what they choose to ignore. The mayor of Metropolis, drawn to and repelled from what they sing, is still not sure what he thinks about these self-appointed upholders of justice. The business community remains similarly unconvinced, as well as some of their peers, who choose androgynous costumes and postures as from a big trunk placed in the attic for their business purposes. The Justice League of America — Bryan Brown, Frank Palmieri, Gene Timlin and Bob Torsello– plays rock and roll music, and those things which are honest that give birth and spring from it”
-From the bands original 1981 press bio 

All Proceeds are being donated to Doctors Without Borders


OUT NOW: Concrete Caveman – Feral LP (SM042)

Out Now: Concrete Caveman – Feral LP (SM042)

Concrete Caveman is a ferocious force of a Deathpunk unit, with an uninhibited aggression that pushes the limits of genre. With origins in South Jersey, Concrete Caveman made Philadelphia their homebase, a decision with no regrets as they represent the underground Philly scene to the core.

The trio are not new to the music scene, playing in multiple bands together over the course of ten years. Mindless Flesh is one of the standout names from their early days, with Lord Scumbucket as the most recent band that Concrete Caveman formed from. As frontman Johnny’s writing style developed a heavier and faster edge, it was time for the band to reform and rename themselves for a fresh, pumped-up vibe.

Deathpunk is the term the band claimed to encapsulate their ever-changing and unexpected sound. Lyrically, they have political moments, but it doesn’t dominate their message – more so critiques of the modern world, the state of affairs, and the obsession with technology and social media that can lead a society to destroy itself. 2021’s riff-heavy Chasm EP, preceded by the 4-track release DEMO, demolishes the eardrums with violent sounds that Concrete Caveman aims to top as they continue their rampage.

Concrete Caveman forms the culmination of all the sounds this trio has explored so far, and these longtime buddies have stayed loyal to their local Philly underground origins as they continue to expand across the Northeast, Midwest, and beyond. They’re breaking out of the basement and busting into garages, warehouses, abandoned sites, and even a swamp-bound cemetery – anywhere they can raid with an onslaught of Concrete Caveman frenzy.


Out Now: Bungler – Light In The Corner (SM049)

Out Now: Bungler – Light In The Corner (SM049)

Strange Mono is proud to announce the newest album from Philadelphia’s Bungler. Light In The Corner  Bungler is the brainchild of Paul Hewes (Snoozer, Idiot Forever), a multi-instrumentalist and individual new to the field of historical research. Fueled by anxiety and depression, motivated out of fear and frustration, Bungler pours these emotions into their sonically shaped landscapes in the hope that some level of alleviation can be achieved. Typically found in a graveyard or in someone’s back garden, often traveling alone and never brimming with a sense of self confidence, Bungler is adaptable in any live setting and doesn’t require much preparation. The album features collaborations with drummer Dan Angel (Gunk, Nyxy Nyx, Ugh God) Sam Kassel (Sandcastle) and Kieran Ferris (Joy Again, Snoozer).

Proceeds from sales of this album are being donated to Savage Sisters Recovery. A harm reduction organization in Philadelphia dedicated to providing thoughtful, trauma-informed resources for those recovering from substance use disorders.


Sun 13: Can you tell us about the process behind Light in the Corner?

Paul Hewes: “Most records I make just seem to happen. There’s never really any plan or process so to speak, it just happens to be that at a certain point I notice I have x number of songs written out and recorded that I put them together and say look an album. Light in the Corner, was kind of a title referring to hope, I suppose? As in it might be dark and shitty all around but there’s a light in the corner so head that way. I keep writing and recording because much like a shark if I stop, I will die (A shark that makes music that is, you know, those special species of shark that circle the depths of laguna sound).”

S13: What was the main aspect you wanted to achieve with the album?

PH: “I don’t know. I hope people enjoy it. I just have fun making records, and its better way to relieve stress as opposed to excessive drinking or whatever people do to get through it all.”

Read the full Interview HERE

Out Now: Kenny Basil Sound System – Dick Pics Vol.5 “Man At His Best” (SM0KB2)

Out Now: Kenny Basil Sound System – Dick Pics Vol.5 “Man At His Best” (SM0KB2)

Kenny Basil‘s unique sonic experiments persist with his newest volume in his long running “Dick Pics” series. Volume 5 “Man At His Best” is three tracks of severely whacked out psycho-techno delivered in pure mono via 7″ Lathe cut vinyl.

The A side features tracks “Pure” and “Money”. Pure is a swirling sample of what we can only assume to be a completely off the rails John Frusciante sharing his views on the “Fourth Dimension”. This intro sets the listener up to receive Kenny Basils mono transmissions. By the time the subtle synths and kettle drums(?) of the second track “Money” begin to ramp up the listener is primed and ready.

The Records B Side “Lust” is a singular experience, casually dropping an amen break and naturally escalating in tempo and pitch into a frenzy of distortion until the crescendo melts away into a borderline beautiful simple piano melody accompanied by a glitched out break.

The Kenny Basil Sound System has a unique and distinct style influenced by everything from RHCP to Philip Glass. We are extremely proud that The Sound System has made a home for himself here at Strange Mono and we look forward to Volume 6.

Proceeds are being donated to Homies Helping Homies to benefit their mission to provide food security to the people of Point Breeze in Philadelphia.


Out Now: Rrose Defoix – Idiot Wind (SM046)

Out Now: Rrose Defoix – Idiot Wind (SM046)

Strange Mono is proud to present the debut album from Rrose Defoix. Idiot Wind is a collection of six electronic compositions by Sophie McGilloway (Ex Greg Electric). Sophie describes the creation process for Idiot Wind as “Late nights playing with electronics, mapping out harmonic ideas, arranging things into a structure to achieve a desired effect, guiding the process of change from one idea to another.” and “Once I figured out what I wanted to do I would record live performances until I was satisfied with a take.” The result is a beautifully discordant EP. Idiot Wind will be available on Cassette and Digitally October 10 2023 through Strange Mono.

The opening track  “Pristine 2023” draws the ear into a false sense of security, with its ethereal delayed guitar warmth  like a heavy blanket. The EP moves through rhythmic noise and grazes the surface of early industrial music on tracks like “Blurb Flu” and “Big-League Aura”, Idiot Wind ultimately resolves in the return of an almost Binaural guitar sound in “Ah” guiding the listener back to a space of relative comfort. Present throughout is an ominous undercurrent of change. Cultivated listeners will delight in the struggle to anticipate each twist and turn in this pensive debut from Rrose Defoix.

“I started this project around a year ago after a long break from working on music (which I mostly spent reading and writing). It’s meant to be a kind of rebellion against the increasingly thoughtless and predetermined nature of music and art in general.” – Sophie McGilloway

Proceeds from sales of this album are being donated to the Philly Bail Fund. “Ending the injustice of money bail requires shifting Philadelphia’s bail system from one that is based on wealth to a fairer and more effective system based on a presumption of release before trial, except in the most exceptional circumstances.”

Check it out!

Out Now: Be Nothing- Be All The Nothing You Can Be

Out Now: Be Nothing- Be All The Nothing You Can Be (SM045)

Strange Mono is announcing the release of Be Nothing’s second full length album “Be All The Nothing You Can Be” available September 15. This follow up to the trio’s 2020 Self Titled Album offers more of their signature riff heavy, sarcastic punk. Be Nothing–west philly punk stalwarts Brian Nothing, Alexi Papadopoulos, and Alexei Korolev– Have a sound somewhere between The Butthole Surfers, Devo, and The Ramones. Short tight songs, deadpan lyrics, and riffs that’ll worm their way deep into your frontal lobe. Tracks like “Vincent Van Gogh” and “Battle Of The Billionaires” play out like stadium anthems while “I Am A Napkin” and “Born Again Bible Burner” drip with attitude.  

Frontman Brian Nothing (Urine Trouble, Beer Breakfast Dungeness Crab, Syzlak) has an unmistakable style. As soon as you hear his voice you know it can’t be anyone else. With bassist Alexi Papadopoulos (Stinking Lizaveta) and Drummer Alexei Korolev (The Company Corvette) Be Nothing epitomizes the power trio dynamic.

An accomplished painter, this album features original artwork by Brian Nothing. Recorded by Bruce Howze Jr at Red Planet Studio and mastered by James Plotkin. This album is a perfect showcase of the band’s unhinged vibrations.

Check it out!

Out Now: Sutras – D​ā​na

Out Now: Sutras – D​ā​na (SM044)

Strange Mono is announcing the release of Dāna by DC based solo instrumentalist Sutras. Available September 1st. Proceeds are being donated to Bread For The City a mutual aid organization providing food, clothing, medical care, and legal and social services to reduce the burden of poverty for residents of D.C.

An intense spate of personal turmoil led Tristan Welch to Buddhism. In 2020 and 2021, the veteran musician was navigating a recovery from addiction and going through a painful divorce. He found solace in two things: Buddhist teachings and creating music. 

With his new solo project, Sutras, Tristan brings these two interests together, crafting gripping instrumental compositions that ripple with emotional catharsis and bridge the gap between post-rock and ambient. Heavily influenced by the widescreen sensibilities of post-rock staples like Explosions in the Sky, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Bowery Electric, the artist aims to create music that brings the peace he’s found to anyone who takes a listen. 

The four compositions that comprise Dāna are hypnotic, textured slow-burners that reflect the musician’s deep interest in minimalism and repetition. On standouts like the post-punk-flavored “Rosa Lila Dance” and the Jesu-inspired “Seven Suns,” molten waves of guitar build to stirring climaxes buoyed by heavily treated drums. The most intense number, “Spiritual Bypassing,” shudders and shakes with psychic unease, harnessing the pounding tumult of a trip-hop drum loop.

“I’ve found refuge in the teachings of Buddha and shelter in Bhakti,” Tristan explains. “I feel at peace when art is a gift and nothing more. I’ve created Sutras to help myself and others refrain from the attachment that creates our suffering.”

Check it out

Out Now: Sandcastle – Wild Legend LP

Sandcastle – Wild Legend LP (SM034)

Strange Mono is announcing the reissue of Sandcastle’s defining  2012 album Wild Legend available for the first time on Vinyl and streaming platforms. Sandcastle has been a staple in the underground circle for over a decade. Defined by his clever lyricism, distinct vocal style, catchy melodies, and relentlessly addictive songwriting. Sandcastle is the moniker for songwriter Sam Kassel, who records the majority of Sandcastle’s output on his own.

Self produced in south Philadelphia between 2011 and 2012. Wild Legend is Sandcastle’s first attempt at creating something that he viewed as “normal” Pop music. Taking inspiration from Greek tragedies, classic literature, mythology, and his time living alone in a yurt in the mountains of Arizona—Without any pretension. Sam’s lyrics are delivered sincerely and take on a mystical Melville-esque tone hinting at truer meanings lying deep within the sub text. It can take time to delve into the depths of Sam’s lyrics, but the accessibility of the music helps cultivate the listener to make the effort.

Standouts include the minimal bass centered “ Vision Of The Future ”, the ultra-catchy hooks of ” Skull Valley ”, and the hypnotic “ Soldier Of The Light ”. This reissue LP includes a previously unreleased bonus track “Different Kind Of Paradise” which was recorded shortly after and is finally seeing the light of day.  Wild Legend is the kind of album that can be enjoyed over and over by the cultivated listener with increasing pleasure.

Delivered on vinyl for the first time. Proceeds from records sold through Strange Mono are being donated to mutual aid organizations in Philadelphia. This will allow us to stay flexible and distribute aid where and when it is needed the most.

Out Now: Bail Fund Benefit C60

VA – Bail Fund Benefit C60 (SM038)

We are excited to announce the release of this massive collaborative effort with some of the most interesting experimental musicians Philadelphia has to offer. The seventeen tracks that make up this C60 showcase the impressive scope and fluidity of the modern experimental scene and the broad range of electronic art as a whole. Featuring Artwork by Holly Firesheets.

All proceeds are being donated to Philly Bail Fund. “Every day, hundreds of Philadelphians languish in the city’s jails awaiting trial simply because they cannot afford bail. Deprived of their freedom, these individuals’ lives are severely disrupted. They risk losing their jobs, housing, and custody of their children without ever first being convicted of a crime. Like many other aspects of our nation’s criminal justice system, people of color are disproportionately subjected to this unfair penalty. The result is a system that criminalizes poverty, strips people who are poor of their presumption of innocence, and insults their right to a fair trial.”

Apologist got its start in 2015 when Rose found her mothers Prophet 600 in the attic of her family’s home, and started the three year long process of recording her first release “Houston”. Rose has been touring and performing live since 2018

Rrose Defoix twists and turns between beautiful spacious soundscapes and pummeling rhythmic noise. A relatively new project we are excited to hear more from this emerging artist.

Philly multi-disciplinary artist QUAGGA is a curator of aural experiences. From emotionally charged improvised performances to meticulously crafter compositions.

DPH’s hypnotic and lush compositions always leave us with a bittersweet feeling. Reminiscent of a sunrise after a long night of thunderstorms.

Airy synths lend a mysterious feeling to Foam’s meloncholic ambient work. Deft and engrossing we hope to see more from this artist in the future.

We love the clarity of Actual Pearls. Composed with MIDI on “Obsolete” hardware there is nothing else thank resonates in the way Actual Pearls can. Minimal, direct, honest with a distinctive style.

Legendary, Drums Like Machine Guns never fails to impress and push the needle. Philadelphia’s finest.

Sour Spirit, free jazz punk known for their ecstatic live performances and free for all energy. An absolute must see if you are lucky enough to get the opportunity.

Explosive experiments with sound and texture. Stimulating in every aspect but never overwhelming. An absolute powerhouse performer.

Shunt is the Modular synth Brain child of noise artist / engineer Nate Lapinski. Based in LA Shunt is constantly evolving as Nate refines his processes, innovates, experiments with his machines design.

Piss Whistler is an anonymous composer who graciously broke out of their shell and allowed us to feature one of their works.

Lisp Whisperer is the solo project of bassist and Strange Mono Co-Founder Jess Kramer. Performed on upright Bass.

grey0 is the electronic solo project of Eric Anderson. Using a modular synth and sampler in tandem, they reach for timbres and phrases that hope to induce a positive trance. A constant process of learning and unlearning. Here/now/this is paramount.

Pink Skull is known for his genre bending style of electronic music, we are delighted to be able to share this remix of one Philly’s finest stoner rock bands The Company Corvette.

“Two good boys”

Cryptic harsh noise artist Forge The Chains breaks out of their usual mold for this track layered with samples.

Performance artist and sound explorer TFFNI is absolute art. Serendipitous sounds never to be repeated.