Out Now: Sandcastle – Heaven Creator The Flower On A Woman

Sandcastle – Heaven Creator The Flower On A Woman (SM050)

Strange Mono is thrilled to announce the long-awaited release of Sandcastle’s ethereal 2019 album, “Heaven Creator The Flower On A Woman,” now available for the first time in physical format. This captivating album unveils the enigmatic bond between songwriter Sam Kassel and his trusted collaborator and engineer, Dan Angel.

Recorded in Germantown on vintage ¼ inch tape, this album is a testament to the mystical allure of Sandcastle’s music. Evoking a sense of ritualistic mystique, Kassel delves into themes of identity and introspection, pondering the enigmatic personas of the Guillotine Princess, the Midnight Flame, and the Nightingale Rider.

10 cassette tapes of sandcastle's album

Sandcastle, the moniker for the enigmatic songwriter Sam Kassel, has been an elusive, captivating figure within the underground music scene for over a decade. Known for his clever lyricism, distinctive vocal style, and irresistibly catchy melodies, Sandcastle’s music transcends conventional boundaries, captivating listeners with its otherworldly charm.

“This was recorded in a basement on ¼ inch tape. The tape was somewhat of a band member during this time. I don’t know how to record with any of the beautiful machinery used–that is all Dan Angel–they are his curious beasts and respond to his Angelic touch with sentience and grace. Lots of wine, lots of grass. To name and order it, we worked a ritual. A candle, a book, a golden dish.
Who is the Guillotine Princess?
What is the Midnight Flame?
Who is the Nightingale Rider?
Who is the Nightingale?
Me? You?
What did it mean then? It all means more to me now.
(ps ufos are real.)” – SK