Out Now: False Tracks – Hymn For Terror (SM041)

False Tracks – Hymn For Terror (sm041)

Jayme Guokas, Mike Hammel, Greg Pavlovcak, and Jamie Wilson formed False Tracks in 2016 and have released a handful of EP’s since their start. Seasoned veterans of the Philly and DC indie pop/punk scenes, they’ve each been members of The Ropers, Lilys, The Snow Fairies, Pink Skull, Royal Shoals, Last Wave, and The Vexers respectively. With as much collective experience as this band has it’s no surprise that False Tracks delivers such addictive, perfectly executed, post-punk ear worms.

Hymn For Terror 12″ Vinyl

Throughout the last seven years the band has refined their sound into tight, punchy, post-punk burners. Hymn For Terror showcases a slightly darker False Tracks than what we’ve heard from them before. Moodier songs like Suspended Animation and Wet Market are balanced by the psyche-tinged Dandelion, and the new wave jangle-rock of Who Will Reveal Their Secrets First?. While their style is comparable to bands like Wire, The Feelies, Wipers and early Flying nun releases False Tracks offers more than just the sum of their influences.

Hymn For Terror Cassette Front
Hymn For Terror Cassette

Staunch believers that the first thought is the best thought they apply this approach to their songwriting. “The concept was to marry atmospheric guitar, kinetic rhythms, and primal beats with supernatural narratives where aliens, lost souls, and monsters are made to wander in uncanny landscapes. Between projects there was an opportunity to gather some old friends to have fun and make music. There was one rule established from the outset: no songs over two minutes. Shortly after the first demo we broke that rule.”

Recorded in Philadelphia with the legendary Jeff Zeigler at his studio Uniform Recording. ”We’ve all worked with Jeff on various projects over the last 20+ years. He tolerates our unpleasant manners. Luckily, our tastes have evolved somewhat in parallel with his, so he easily recognizes our references and touchstones. The experience is like hanging out with an old friend, comfortable and instinctive”

Proceeds from the sales of this album through Strange Mono are being donated to Homies Helping Homies. A mutual Aid organization provided food and necessities to the underserved community of the Point Breeze neighborhood in Philadelphia.