Sandcastle – Kisses For Witches

Sandcastle – Kisses For Witches

Strange Mono is announcing the reissue of Sandcastle’s 2013 freak folk master work Kisses For Witches. Sandcastle has been a staple in the underground circle for over a decade. Defined by his clever lyricism, distinct vocal style, and relentlessly catchy melodies. Sandcastle is the moniker for songwriter Sam Kassel, who records the majority of Sandcastle’s output on his own.

Recorded following Sandcastle’s debut tour of the southern U.S in 2012. Sam was in a place of growth and introspection expanding on his lo-fi folk roots and creating a new sound entirely its own. The far out country tinged Deena and the driving Dream Catcher, perfectly illustrate the happy mania of a hopeless romantic. While Tracks like Antonia and Diamond Heart tap into more bittersweet feelings. The album as a whole reinforces classic Sandcastle theme’s like desire, adventure, mysticism, and spirituality with an undercurrent of anxiety and vulnerability. Throughout Kisses for Witches Sam demonstrates a command over language and melody, and an emotional intelligence rarely heard in this kind of music.

Matt Lee of the Big Takeover had this to say about the opening track Deena. “I defy you to get the opener “Deena” from this astoundingly good album by Philly’s Sandcastle out of your head.” and  “I know everyone who counts Tyrannosaurus Rex and Ween in their collection will be hooked for life.” and “There’s a magical newness of Sandcastle’s oeuvre, that feeling of discovery lurking in every song, they really bring you places in a gentle but forceful way. That’s the trick of genius songwriting is that confidence, the ability to say ‘Hey let’s go here… trust me!’.. and you do, and it turns out great.”

“Warping vocals encircle in a heady simplicity. A timeless minstrel tone meshes with modern twists and turns, creating an imaginative hybrid. Bending genres (even mid-song), the band creates a sound that continuously shifts and resonates.” – The Deli Magazine

This Cassette features original artwork designed by Philadelphia cartoonist Rebecca Kirby. Rebecca has an unmistakable style and boasts clients like: Cartoon Network, Boom! Studios, Vice, Grid, and The Los Angeles Times.

Proceeds from the Limited Edition cassette release of this album are being donated to the Homies Helping Homies to aid their mission to provide grocery tables to the people of Point Breeze Philadelphia. “We hope to encourage and support safety for folks who are underserved and overlooked by government aid and capitalist structures that seek to devalue them.“

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