Grey Windowpane – “Ice The World”

Grey Windowpane – “Ice The World”

Across the Atlantic in Brighton, UK Grey Windowpane is forging something special. A stalwart contributor to the avant-garde Ma Turner (AKA Brown / Mazozma) has been delivering innovative compositional sound-work for over two decades. As the founding member of Kentucky’s noise rock terrorists Warmer Milks (whom he toured the United States and Europe extensively with throughout the early 2000’s) Ma went on to record and perform as a solo artist, releasing numerous full length LPs, cassettes, compact discs (and a twelve cassette box set) on labels such as Sophomore Lounge, Feeding Tube, Crash Symbols as well as on visual artist and musician Robert Beatty’s AHEM Editions label and numerous one-off private press labels of Turner’s own. (Currently coined) Brown is now further cultivating his reputation on the frontiers of fringe music with Grey Windowpane (under the umbrella of GWPEOPLESFRONT WORLDWIDE). After leaving his home of Western Massachusetts last year for the UK, Brown has been collaborating with an international cabal of outsider artists to produce Grey Windowpane’s newly anticipated full length album “Ice The World”. The songs were written, arranged,  recorded and mixed over a span of months between studios in the UK, US, Singapore and Sweden.

Long running underground music rag Blastitude had this to say about Grey Windowpane’s first four EP’s (all digitally released in 2022 on the GWPEOPLESFRONT WORLDWIDE label):  

“This is very consistently and completely zoned-out music. I’ve been listening to it all, all day long, and I still don’t know what to make of it. It’s like it wipes my brain blank as it plays. My daughter’s boyfriend (born circa 2005) walked by and said it sounded “industrial,” how about that? He’s 100% not wrong (and I often think about what post-industrial as a music means, how it means so much more than Neubauten and Skinny Puppy, how it means any post-punk experimental work of any kind, the entire 1980s cassette culture experimental music movement, the entire worldwide noise scene as we know it today)! He also compared it to house music, and yeah, Grey Windowpane does have some beats, here and there, but it’s just as much sound effects, and tape-loop experiments, and washes of noise, and who-knows-what else. And when I say “who-knows-what-else,” I mean “music from the Empty Quarter,” which Bruce Russell defined in his 1994 manifesto “What is Free?” as “an area between other forms of music where all of the ‘rules’ which hold them apart cease to apply.”

Proceeds from the double cassette release of “Ice The World” benefit GREAT FALLS BOOKS THROUGH BARS a volunteer group in Franklin County MA that sends free books, resources, and reading materials to incarcerated people.

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The day has finally come the fully remastered EP by Worshiper is finally available to stream, buy, share, or steal!!

Worshiper had a huge influence on our scene and we are so glad that Mikes music is finally out there for all to feel!

We couldn’t have done this without the support of everyone who tuned in/showed up for Mike!
So today buy a crossword or a Modelo, blast Worshiper at your desk, your bedroom, or in your car and think about how Mike would have been squirming knowing all of you were listening to his “little band”


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9 Questions with Webb Chapel

Strangemonorecords · Webb Chapel – 9 Questions Interview

“Every man has inside himself a parasitic being who is acting not at all to his advantage.” -William S. Burroughs

I think about this Burroughs quote a lot. I always miss-remember or simplify it to “There’s a little man in all of us, trying to kill us”. Neurosis or self-doubt for sure, addiction of course. But I think this instinct is present at birth. I think that we are all driven to destroy ourselves in some way, its just how that drive manifests that’s important. Some people are able to harness that motivation and channel it into positivity, while others remain under its thumb. The homonyms raised and razed are especially interesting to me. They reflect in no uncertain terms the duality of human society. Are we meant to be building or destroying?

I invited Zack (Webb Chapel) over to eat some noodles and sit down in my basement to talk like minded people, enjoying the process, being shoe-horned, and being purposely evasive. Zack is one of the most emotionally articulate people that I have met in a long time. I think that fact is pretty apparent in his music, maybe not at first, but once you dive underneath the surface level; and listen with intent, the music becomes a portrait of inner reconciliation. Understated at times for sure, sometimes the message may be obscured , or it may take a few listens to grasp, but well worth the effort. Zack’s music is a puzzle for the ears. Earnest melodies and an intimate, sometimes uneasy, feeling. It’s my opinion that Webb Chapel is a whole-hearted endeavor that is so worthy and deserving of your time. 

Following the dissolution of Austin-based experimental band Beth Israel, Claxton began drawing in the margins, putting down sketches of ideas and song fragments that would eventually become the basis for Webb Chapel’s first two releases, Moverama and Like the Country. “I like the idea of dismantling songs as you’re listening to them. Sort of taking them apart and putting them back together.” When the lens focuses, however, you get a sense that this record comes from an altogether intentional, yet eerily chaotic time and place. As Claxton explains, “I’m kind of never in the same place for very long.” Dalmatians is a testament to the beauty in uncertainty. 

Webb Chapel‘s Dalmatians is available 9/16/22 on Strange Mono.

All proceeds from this album are being donated to Prevention Point to aid their mission of Harm Reduction and community support in the Philadelphia area.

Hana Sands – Webb Chapel || Video By Vince Alvare