What we are listening to…


Wraith / Black Knife / Graveripper / Unholy Night Faster Than The Fucking Devil
Wise Blood Records

Pissed Happy ChildrenPissed Playground
New Beginning Records

Vile Execution Waste & Rot
Bent Window Records

Koreltsak / Abyzou from forests of corpses and thorned cedars split
Jem’s Label

45 Grave Sleep In Safety

Burt Bacharach  Thermonuclear Needle 
Self Release / Not On Label

VA Thrash Til Death
Selfish Records

Headcleaners Disinfection
1000 DB

Impetigo Horror Of The Zombies
Wild Rags Records

Obituary Cause Of Death (Re-Issue)
Relapse / Gibtown

Dan T

Shorty Fresh Breath EP
Skin Graft

TFFNI – Untitled
Self Release / Not On Label

Misery Engine Dark Winter
No Rent

Support Unit Illegalist
Trashfuck Records

Mobdividual Nostalgia
Obscure Melody

Toshi Kasai Based On True Stories
Joyful Noise

Arcane Earth Reboot Mercy For the Soil
Big Tobacco Records

Šimanský NiesnerV​š​echno Dobré
Stoned To Death

Wax Pets I Said Be Mine
Space Foundation / Self-Release

Dismal Chant Rotting Heavens
Declassified Affairs