Nyxy Nyx – Thee 3rd Album

Nyxy Nyx – Thee 3rd Album

Nyxy Nyx songwriter Brian Reichart has a devoted following in the Philadelphia underground, and for good reason. Nyxy Nyx’s blend of lush textures, fuzzy guitars, subdued vocal delivery, and poignant subject matter make it easy to understand how they secured such cult status over the years. 

Nyxy Nyx performing live

Strange Mono is beyond excited to be releasing Thee 3rd Album. 21 tracks of emotionally charged beauty. Songs like I could write a luv song and salomé have distinct pop sensibilities, while songs like hooves and can u even be seen ? expand the darker side of Nyxy Nyx. Across the board Brian’s songwriting is so subversive and heartfelt like a smiling face, with strained eyes, holding back tears.

As with all Strange Mono releases, proceeds from this album are being donated to the artists choice of charity. For this Album Nyxy Nyx chose Prevention Point whose mission is to promote health, empowerment and safety for communities affected by drug use and poverty.

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