OUT NOW: Ixian – Collective Indiscipline

Ixian – Collective Indiscipline (SM033)

Strange Mono is announcing the release of  Ixian’s “Collective Indiscipline” available May 16. From Athens GA Daniel Shroyer has been consistently delivering intense and inspired Black Metal as Ixian since their debut “Many Machines” in 2019. Honing in on what makes the genre special, Daniel deftly crafts his songs with more attention to detail then your typical Black Metal performer. Ixian places experimentation above conforming to genre. Pushing the boundaries of a genre burdened by repetition is no easy feat, yet Ixian’s blend of harsh noise, pummeling drums and frenetic guitar riffs, seems natural and organically inspired.

The album’s opener “Centrocaspian Dictatorship” hits like a ton of bricks to the face preparing the listeners for what’s to come. The album churns with brooding intensity and erratic drum machines “Holodomor” offers listeners the briefest glimpse of a melody then swiftly reeling back into the obliterated noise. The albums namesake track builds on the bleak themes present throughout, revolving around frantic guitar arpeggios. In total Ixian’s “Collective Indiscipline” is a worthwhile addition to a discography of bittersweet, noisy, and unique Black Metal.

Ixian is extreme to its core.

Ixian in their mask made of keyboard components

Proceeds from this album benefit the National Network of Abortion Funds in their mission to remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion access.



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