Out Now: Truculent – A Workers Guide To Transfiguration

Truculent – A Workers Guide To Transfiguration (SM035)

Truculent is the moniker for Philadelphia guitarist Dan Timlin. Since 2016 Truculent has developed his sound by blending melodic rhythmic guitar compositions with field recordings and found sounds to create atmospheric soundscapes. Truculent began as a therapeutic exercise to connect thoughts and trauma with positivity through music.

A Workers Guide To Transfiguration is made up of 18 field recordings from 2020 through 2022. Bleeding from fully improvised tracks like “Bride Of Thee“, “March Rain” and “Hexaemeron Of Doubt” into the meticulously composed “Dolor In Pyxides” and “Plastic Bags Like Sirens On The Shore“. The Album also features two, freeform audio interpretations of poems by Steve Evans.

Dedicated to:
Mike Parry (1985-2021)
Abel Warhound ( 2014-2023)

Proceeds from the sale of this album are being donated to Homies Helping Homies


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