Out Now November Batch

Out Now November Batch

Our November batch is now live!
We are so proud and excited about this batch. Every one of these releases is a stunning piece of art musically, visually, and spiritually.
Show some love for your community and support the noise!!

QUAGGA – 77.7FM “The Spirit”
$10 proceeds ppponline.org
Quagga Is the solitary home recordings of multi-disciplinary artist, Joshua Mackie (Gunk, Dark Mtns, Sun Organ, Idiot Forever, Prince of Yeti Mantra, Dub Sum Tapes, Ice Wizard Clone). Josh makes (mostly) lo fi recordings of whatever comes to his mind. No singular genre necessary.

Josh describes 77.7 FM “The Spirit” as “a fun way for me to abstractly describe my process.” and “Making whatever comes to me at that time and seeing the idea all the way through. Every time I sit down to make music I record something and 95% of those recordings I release or intend on releasing. Sort of like how a DJ decides to play the next song they think fits in with their set and vibe.”. Josh further explains the creation process as “just intuitive and it’s very honest. I’m showing my strengths and my weaknesses. And just like a DJ’s set on the radio you might love one song but hate the next, but there is something in there for anyone who’s open to it.”

Proceeds from this album are being donated to Prevention Point Philadelphia to aid their mission To
promote health, empowerment and safety for communities affected by drug use and poverty.

IDIOT FOREVER – Doom Saloon Live Jam
$8 proceeds www.homieshelpinghomies.com
“What a poor wretch man is. Fortunately he doesn’t know it. If he did what a poor wretch he’d be!” – Max Pallenburg

There are so many components that drive the desire to create. Recognition, validation, catharsis, expression. All of these forces are relatable and positive in their own way. But what about destruction? The impulse to mangle, the drive to obliterate. To deconstruct an idea and force a void, where chaos and randomness serves as the creator, and we participate as an onlooker to our own design restructured by destruction.

The homonyms raised and razed are especially interesting to me. They reflect in no uncertain terms the duality of human society. Are we meant to be building or destroying?

Freedom has consequences. One of those consequences is Idiot Forever. Four absolute musical maniacs recorded live in 2018. Screeching tape mechanisms, churning brutal feedback, and allegedly guitar and drums. Grease up your deep listening skills and dive into Idiot Forever – Doom Saloon Live Jam. A worthy record of the band’s frantic improvised performances which consisted of a rotating line-up performing, on the spot, impromptu, psycho-free-punk.

Jeff Unfortunately- Cries
$8 proceeds abortionfunds.org
Fifteen tracks from experimental songwriter / guitarist Jeff Gallagher. These intimate Lo-fi compositions draw on inspirations from Jeff’s relationships, struggles, and Franz Kafka. Featuring saccharine splendor on the instrumental track “Two Sick Fucks”. Cries pushes Jeff’s songwriting into new territories of vulnerability while remaining grounded in his unique and one of a kind style. As a whole the album illustrates a complex and at times profound insight into the world of Jeff Unfortunately and his home life in Massachusetts.

“Jeff is great, and really confounding to some, But he is really like a zen blues player. Only mercurial in that way but there are so many facets to him and his arts – he is unrelenting” – Troy Curry

Grey0 – Selected Ambien Twerks
$8 Benefits community support www.gofundme.com/f/the-holmes-wilkins-rebuild-their-family-home
grey0 is the electronic solo project of Eric Anderson. Using a modular synth and sampler in tandem, they reach for timbres and phrases that hope to induce a positive trance. A constant process of learning and unlearning. Here/now/this is paramount.

Through the endless search for new music and underground scenes, Eric found Philly record label Strange Mono, and is honored that they are interested in releasing music of his.

“Selected Ambien Twerks- vol 11” is giving extended Campfire Headphase jam on Side A, and Basinski 101 on Side B.

Proceeds from this album are being donated to help The Holmes & Wilkins rebuild their west Philadelphia family home after they lost everything in a tragic fire on October 11th