Out Now: Kenny Basil Sound System – Dick Pics Vol.5 “Man At His Best” (SM0KB2)

Out Now: Kenny Basil Sound System – Dick Pics Vol.5 “Man At His Best” (SM0KB2)

Kenny Basil‘s unique sonic experiments persist with his newest volume in his long running “Dick Pics” series. Volume 5 “Man At His Best” is three tracks of severely whacked out psycho-techno delivered in pure mono via 7″ Lathe cut vinyl.

The A side features tracks “Pure” and “Money”. Pure is a swirling sample of what we can only assume to be a completely off the rails John Frusciante sharing his views on the “Fourth Dimension”. This intro sets the listener up to receive Kenny Basils mono transmissions. By the time the subtle synths and kettle drums(?) of the second track “Money” begin to ramp up the listener is primed and ready.

The Records B Side “Lust” is a singular experience, casually dropping an amen break and naturally escalating in tempo and pitch into a frenzy of distortion until the crescendo melts away into a borderline beautiful simple piano melody accompanied by a glitched out break.

The Kenny Basil Sound System has a unique and distinct style influenced by everything from RHCP to Philip Glass. We are extremely proud that The Sound System has made a home for himself here at Strange Mono and we look forward to Volume 6.

Proceeds are being donated to Homies Helping Homies to benefit their mission to provide food security to the people of Point Breeze in Philadelphia.