Out Now: Rrose Defoix – Idiot Wind (SM046)

Out Now: Rrose Defoix – Idiot Wind (SM046)

Strange Mono is proud to present the debut album from Rrose Defoix. Idiot Wind is a collection of six electronic compositions by Sophie McGilloway (Ex Greg Electric). Sophie describes the creation process for Idiot Wind as “Late nights playing with electronics, mapping out harmonic ideas, arranging things into a structure to achieve a desired effect, guiding the process of change from one idea to another.” and “Once I figured out what I wanted to do I would record live performances until I was satisfied with a take.” The result is a beautifully discordant EP. Idiot Wind will be available on Cassette and Digitally October 10 2023 through Strange Mono.

The opening track  “Pristine 2023” draws the ear into a false sense of security, with its ethereal delayed guitar warmth  like a heavy blanket. The EP moves through rhythmic noise and grazes the surface of early industrial music on tracks like “Blurb Flu” and “Big-League Aura”, Idiot Wind ultimately resolves in the return of an almost Binaural guitar sound in “Ah” guiding the listener back to a space of relative comfort. Present throughout is an ominous undercurrent of change. Cultivated listeners will delight in the struggle to anticipate each twist and turn in this pensive debut from Rrose Defoix.

“I started this project around a year ago after a long break from working on music (which I mostly spent reading and writing). It’s meant to be a kind of rebellion against the increasingly thoughtless and predetermined nature of music and art in general.” – Sophie McGilloway

Proceeds from sales of this album are being donated to the Philly Bail Fund. “Ending the injustice of money bail requires shifting Philadelphia’s bail system from one that is based on wealth to a fairer and more effective system based on a presumption of release before trial, except in the most exceptional circumstances.”

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